Why is America falling apart?

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“In God we trust”, we write,
But what kind of trust denies the right to pray in school?

"In God We Trust?" single artwork cover
“In God We Trust?” cover artwork

We were running errands around Nashville, when a friend sent a link to a song he had written back in 2006. Opening the Dropbox, I put the phone up to my ear while walking through the mall, then stopped in my tracks. Was I hearing what I thought I was hearing? As soon as I got back to the car, I connected to bluetooth and couldn’t believe the brilliance of this inspired lyric. After picking up Gaylyn from her hair appointment, I once again played it for her to hear. 3 weeks later, we were in the House of Big Studio with the writer, Steve Thomson, recording it together. It’s a song this country needs to hear NOW. Do we really trust in God? I believe it’s a song that plainly answers the question, “Why is America falling apart?

“The more we take God out of our country, the more He takes our country away from us.”
– Steve Thomson (writer of “In God We Trust?”)

Hangin’ by a thread with disbelief
Mercy wearin’ thin denyin’
The Grace that keeps the states united
Strike the very faith that brings us peace
Envious of all Gods given
Like Christ His Son our nation’s founded on

“In God We Trust”, we write
But what kind of trust denies the right to pray in schools?
One nation under God
Only unconstitutes the hardness of our hearts
So God bless America
And bring back the faith Your Grace allows this land to have

Swelling in our hearts with enmity
Christlessness is sufficating
All the love He’s been displaying
Red and white
The freedom purchased with the blood of Christ
Stars and stripes where blue surrounds it
Pledge allegiance to the Great I Am

Download the lyrics to “In God We Trust?” HERE

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